Balancing independence with safety & security

Isabelle DeRoyIsabelle DeRoy is licensed as a registered nurse & healthcare risk manager in Florida. She shares your commitment to optimizing your health by balancing independence with safety and security. She believes in advance care planning, which eliminates the guessing game when critical decisions must be made.

Isabelle offers client-centered care services, including frailty and dementia specialization, on a scheduled and an on-call fee basis.

The steps to wellness at CareNation:

  • Assess the individual’s strengths and challenges as related to their current heath status, support system and surrounding environment.
  • Clarify care and counseling options to regain health and wellness.
  • Facilitate communication by open, reflective dialogue between all concerned parties, such as family and friends or medical, financial, legal or spiritual professionals.
  • Guide decision making with interpretive consultation. Interactive, interpretive consultation presents analysis of your current situation and offers options to meet an individual’s stated goals for the future.
  • Support effectively managing transitions throughout an individual’s life/care plan.
  • Ongoing observation and reevaluation of an individual’s health and wellness status.